Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder

You’re having trouble following through on simple details, keeping organized,  and finding it difficulty to listen listening attentively to your loved ones.    You’ve noticed that these symptoms are affecting your work relationships, and overall general functioning.  Many times ADHD occurs with and without hyperactivity, which might have led you to question if ADHD is the right diagnosis.

Do You Think You Have ADHD


You take Adderall, Vyvanse, Ritalin, or another stimulant, but find it challenging to keep taking time out of your busy life to get to an office every month. You take off work, sit in traffic, wait in a crowded waiting room, just for a brief visit to refill the same medication.

That ten-minute appointment now turned into an hour or longer chunk of your day, wasting your already limited time. Imagine, after one in-person visit, using an app similar to Skype or FaceTime for that visit. Picture you’re down to your last few tabs; you pop online and make an appointment that week, on your lunch break, that evening, or weekend.

How it Works

I created At Your Service Psychiatry, PLLC with you in mind. My patients have asked, “Do I really need to come into the office for a simple ADD medication refill?” After seeing the struggles of my college students, scrambling to get prescriptions, and I dreamed of a better way. With this innovative telepsychiatry practice, you may self-schedule online, ahead of time or at the last minute, and take the visit from your phone, computer, or tablet.

First Visit

Our first visit will be in person. You will have a full psychiatric and medical evaluation with ADHD testing. If you have other mental health conditions, we care for those too. We electronically send a one-month prescription to your pharmacy.

Follow Up Telepsychiatry Visits

All visits from your phone, computer, or tablet. Schedule a monthly telemedicine visit at the same time every month, or schedule as you are running low on your medication. ADHD re-visits may be done the same day, evenings, weekends, including Sundays. You may schedule them yourselves or text us with visit requests.


I am a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner with over twenty years in healthcare. In 2011, I graduated from Rush University and went to practice in a variety of settings, including hospitals, offices, and facilities. I care for people with all mental health needs, including bipolar disorder, major depression, anxiety, OCD, agoraphobia, social anxiety, PTSD, alcohol abuse, and others. I specialize in the treatment of co-occurring ADHD and mood disorders, women’s mental health needs, and binge-eating disorder.

As simple as FaceTiming your friend!

We understand organization is more difficult with ADHD; you will get automatic reminders to schedule, so you don’t forget to refill your prescription.


$250 Initial In-Person Psychiatric Evaluation for ADHD/Telemedicine Assessment

$99/Monthly Telepsychiatry Visits for Stimulant Refills

Though we do not bill or take Insurances, Medicare, or Medicaid, we can provide you with a statement to submit to them.